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    The images we use are all original and are not lifted from the Internet, except when provided by promoters about their events. Our photos are uploaded to Flickr and linked back to here. Many of these images are restricted on Flickr due to showing some nudity or other adult content. To see full-size thumbnails of any restricted images in slideshows, you must create an account on Flickr, log in, and turn off SafeSearch in your account settings. This allows Flickr to prevent minors and those not interested in the content from accidentally seeing it.


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Four gay men, a 4000-square foot house in the gayest neighborhood on the Planet ... what do you think will happen?


In August 2005, three longtime friends bought a huge house in the heart of San Francisco's gayest district, the Castro, and a fourth friend later bought in. Although it's technically three apartments, they live in it as if it's one big house. And best of all, every few months they open it up for fabulous fundraising events -- racy, fun, risque events that couldn't occur in your typical gay bar or hotel ballroom.

And when we aren't personally throwing events, we're out and about enjoying the best that San Francisco has to offer.

Come evesdrop on our little adventures...


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